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Kiln Fired Clay Kit

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Kiln Fired Clay Kit


Make your clay piece at home and have it fired in a kiln at the gallery!

  1. Order your kit online: Order option 1 or 2.  You can add on tools and extra underglaze if you like.

  2. Make your artwork at home. Follow along with one of our YouTube tutorials or make your own unique creation! 

  3. Bring your artwork to the gallery to be fired in a kiln. Please allow 3 weeks firing time.

  1. Come and pick up your piece – we will email you when your piece is ready to be picked up.



Q: How big can my piece be? If I purchase multiple clay kits, can I add the clay together to make a really big piece?
A: Maximum size for each individual piece is 8 inches x 8 inches. This is ensure the kiln can be packed efficiently. To fire larger pieces, we would need to charge for additional kiln space. Larger pieces are also at higher risk of breaking.

Q: What colour is the clay when fired?
A: This clay turns off-white when fired in the kiln and the underglazes become more vibrant. The bell-shaped test tiles show how the clay and underglaze look after firing.

Q: Can I put my clay pieces in the dishwasher and microwave?
A: Yes. Your fired clay pieces can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. Handwashing may prolong the life of your piece. The gallery fires to cone 6, and coats pieces in a clear glaze for a foodsafe finish.

Q: What’s underglaze? Is it the same as glaze?
A: Underglaze is a specialist ceramic product. It is different than glaze because it works on clay that has not been fired. Glazes only work on clay that has already been through the kiln at least once. Your piece will also have a clear glaze added to it - our studio team will apply a clear coat of glaze to your work during the firing process to create a glossy and foodsafe finish.

Q: Why use a drywall board? Can I use anything else?
A: Clay sticks to non-porous surfaces. At the gallery, we use surfaces like drywall, mdf boards, and canvas tablecloths to work on. If you are at home, you can use unvarnished wood, the brown side of a recycled cereal box, a tea towel or even newspaper. Anything porous will work!

Q: How does the kiln firing process work?
A: Clay pieces are air dried for 1 week. Then clay is placed in the kiln for a bisque firing, which takes up to 24 hours (12 hours to heat slowly, 12 hours to cool). After the first firing, our studio team carefully dips each piece in a clear coat of glaze for a glossy and foodsafe finish. After the glaze is applied, the piece is put back in the kiln for a glaze firing, which takes 24 hours or more (12 hours to heat up to 2200F and 12 hours to cool). The gallery aims to have pieces fired within 3 weeks. Please wait to receive an email before coming to pick up your artwork.

Q: How thick should my clay be?
A: We recommend no thinner than ¼ inch and no thicker than ¾ inch. Pieces thicker than 1 inch will not be fired. Thick pieces retain moisture and are more likely to explode in the kiln, which can damage other people’s artwork.

Q: Can I paint the bottom?
A: No. Please do not paint the bottom. In fact, we ask you to leave 2mm around the bottom edge. Ceramic paints melt when the kiln reaches temperature. If there is paint on the bottom, it can stick to the kiln shelf.  When this happens the item needs to be broken off of the shelf, ruining your piece and damaging the kiln equipment. If you get paint on the bottom, please use a damp sponge to remove it. Thank you! 

Q: Can I use my own clay/underglaze? Do you offer a general firing service?
A: No. The gallery does not fire materials sourced from elsewhere. This is to ensure items are fired to the correct temperature - otherwise there is a risk of damage to the kiln and equipment.

Q: What happens if my piece cracks or breaks?
A: Working with clay can be fun – and also frustrating! Breakages and glaze misfires are part of the process of working clay, even for experienced and professional potters. Every time you work with clay is a chance to build skills. If your piece cracks or breaks, we hope you will come back and try again. The gallery does not offer refunds for claytime kits.


Please contact us at if you have any questions or need assistance. Our Studio team is always happy to help! 

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