Corporate Gifts & Awards

We have that distinctive memento your staff and guests will appreciate!
Whether you're looking for conference and event keepsakes or gifts and awards to recognize an important corporate accomplishment or milestone, the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery Shop has something for every occasion. With an extensive array of handmade ceramic, glass, and enamel artworks by 150 Canadian artists, you're sure to find unique gifts for employees, clients, guests, and more.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose from in-store items or commission a one-of-a-kind piece

By providing in-stock artworks or commissioned objects through our network of artisans, we have exceeded client expectations with mementos at widely ranging price-points – from $25 to $900.

For more information about our Corporate Gifts Services, please contact Denis Longchamps, Executive Director at 519-746-1882 ext. 231 or

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  • Special Commissions

    Customize with names and special events or incorporate your brand identity with a logo.

    Custom awards developed and delivered to numerous corporations and organizations.

  • Small items

    Larger quantity tokens available for conferences, commemorations, or staff events.

  • Milestone Gifts

    Celebrate significant milestones with a handmade gift! Vases, bowls, stained glass, and more!

    We'll help you find the right item for any occasion!