Collection: Virginia Wilson

Virginia has been a devoted citizen of the glass world since 1982, the year she first laid her hands on stained glass. She experimented with the medium for 12 years, before being inspired to study other aspects of glass making. Virginia’s interest in glassblowing was sparked while taking an engraving course at a local college. She could not resist the lure of the glass blowing studio and immediately enrolled full time in the college’s intensive, three year glass program. Since graduating, she has been rewarded numerous grants and scholarships. Virginia specializes in techniques that were mastered by the Venetians and held as closely guarded secrets for centuries. Working as a team with her husband Tony, she has developed her art to incorporate various types of simple and complex glass canes as the decorative medium on her forms. What follows are linear and threadlike patterns that dance and sway on shimmering works, captivating the imagination and stimulating wonder in the viewer.