Collection: Shane Norrie

Ontario artist, Shane Norrie is a well-established clay artist, and also a widely exhibited painter. Ever evolving and experimenting, often his subject matter references local surroundings and familiar landscapes, while moving in of the realm of abstraction. His work can be found in numerous national and international publications such as ‘Canadian House & Home’, Canada’s ‘Style at Home’ and ‘Marie Claire Maison Italia’ magazines. Also, on various television programs including HGTV’s ‘Income Property’, ‘Disaster DIY’ and ‘Pure Design’, ‘City Line’ and 'Marilyn Denis Show’ and on the set of ‘Canada AM’. He states that "although I experiment with many different types of clay, glazes and firing methods, my interests are in surface effects and textures. I love glazes that are transformed by the kilns and firing processes. I love to be surprised when I unload the kiln. I think my curiosity keeps my work fresh and interesting”.