Collection: Nicole Waddick

I take inspiration from nature and from the intrinsic qualities of the materials I use. Much of my current work is a result of my time in the prairies during an artist residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Smoked Walking Stones - This series came about because I wanted to try smoke firing and it is most effective on simple forms. Each Stone is unique in form and surface. They are pinched and once stiffened, scraped smooth. Before bisque firing, they are coated in terra siggilata, a fine particled slip that develops a sheen after polishing. The Stones are individually wrapped in salt-soaked rags, sometimes with steel wool, inside layers of newspaper. They are placed amongst wood and a fire is lit. The terra siggilata traps the carbon, salt and metallic fumes from the firing. The final step is applying a sealant. 



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