Collection: Michelle Prosek - Starfire Studio

Michelle has a formal education in genetics embellished by a long history in the arts. Her work is inspired by botanical and earth themes, reflecting the organic nature of glass itself. Michelle is self-taught in the art of glass fusing and loves the wide range of functional and textural properties glass has to offer as an artistic medium. Michelle hand-carves her designs into each panel of glass. After fusing it the first time, she fine tunes the piece with various grinding tools to create the desired shape. Each piece can take up to 90 hours to complete.

“Life has taken me many places, taught me many things, and given me a unique set of skills that I am always building upon. While I may have started as a glass artist, my interests have grown considerably over the years, along with what I have to offer. I’ve been a glass artist and professional photo editor for over 20 years, and my work in that area has grown from jewellery to larger installation works, including a unique technique I developed known as kiln-blown glass. As an addition to my glasswork and photo-editing, I also create special screen-printed enamel images that can be transferred and fired onto glass as a finishing accent, and have made those designs available to all glass and ceramic artists to use in their own work. This was the start of Glass Fusing Decals, which has become a mainstay in my work in recent years.” Michelle is also an aerialist with the Hamilton Aerial Group, performing at public and private events.