Collection: Mark Tichenor

Mark was introduced to making pottery in 1964 while studying mathematics in Lebanon. A sudden infatuation matured into a life-long love of the craft. His career in computer software was occasionally punctuated by periods of pottery making. “After suffering burnout working in a software sweatshop in the 90's, I retreated to pottery.” Along the way, he met, worked with and learned from a variety of kind potters across Canada. Mark now makes pottery with his wife, Mary Lazier, in their studio- Red Hen Pottery at Violet Hill in Ontario. “I am addicted to shino-ware, mostly producing practical things for daily use and enjoyment. For me, art is the conscious production of form through the application of energy to material in a host of different ways; the natural product of life. Spirit in form; the marriage of heart and mind. A gift.”