Collection: Mariel Waddell Hunter

Mariel Waddell Hunter is inspired by the Trinidad and Caribbean Islands where she was raised; “By sculpting and trailing molten bits of glass, I attempt to capture the beauty and essence of water and life within the ocean”. Mariel begins in the hot shop blowing out her form, than she has two assistants bring hot glass bits that she adds to her form and sculpts. By trailing and sculpting molten bits of glass, she attempts to capture the beauty of water. Mariel is a graduate of the Crafts and Design Program at Sheridan College in Oakville. Following her educational training, Mariel was offered a partnership at the Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery. She works with her husband, Alexi Hunter, on both individual works and collaborative pieces. Glass provides the ideal medium for sculptural representations of liquid movement and ocean currents, which remains at the root of her artistic expression.

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