Collection: Kimberly Kropf

“I began my jewellery making with a beginner class offered through a local college. I quickly discovered how much I loved working with metal. Taking raw material and transforming it into beautiful pieces of wearable art. As my skills and desire grew, I moved from a small basement studio into a more established studio space. In recent years, I have also taken on the same teaching school that I learned from many years ago. I enjoy the challenges I face from both producing work, and teaching. Often times, it's my students that provide the inspiration and motivation to be consistently developing new skills and work. My goal as a jewellery artist is to inspire and design pieces that are comfortable, affordable, and instill elegance in everyday wear. My inspiration comes from my methods. Whether it be a type of casting, roller print, reticulation, or stone setting, I base my designs on the beauty of each individual piece of material.”