Collection: Juan Arbelaez

Toronto, ON

 Mistura was created in January 2005 by a group of designers passionate to art, fashion and unique creations. The group is formed by Daniel Schemel, Juan David Arbelaez and Juan Felipe Barreneche.

We wanted to bring something different related to nature and design. We had something in particular before we came out with the great idea of making such unique Timepieces like our collection of watches. We collect and love watches. It took us long time to study the process and reactions of the natural products we use such as woods, leather, seeds and coconut. Finally after a long period of learning the different techniques of polishing, carving, sewing and others, we combined all parts together to present a unique, nature, and organic watch to you. Nowadays we have about 36 different styles made piece by piece with a lot of passion and love.

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