Collection: Jerre Davidson - Alma Glass Studio

Jerre’s early career in dance at the Scottish Ballet School in Edinburgh instilled in her a love of rhythm and movement. She states, “The rhythms of the landscape intrigue me. Every place has a unique tempo.” Water is a primary element both in the Canadian landscape and in her work; she uses the hard and fluid properties of glass to create images that endeavour to share her sense of place and rhythm in the environment. Jerre takes many photos of local countryside to capture a specific moment in time. She then uses coloured frits (small granules of glass) and pre-fired glass components set out on a clear glass canvas. The work is 100% glass and is fired in a kiln in layers multiple times. Sometimes the glass is manipulated while hot to provide movement to the piece.

“My hope is that the viewer will smell the damp earth, hear the rushing water or feel the wind in their face as they view my finished work.”