Collection: Gordon Hutchens

Gordon Hutchens' studio is nestled in 19 wooded acres in the secluded north end of Denman Island, British Columbia. For nearly 30 years Gordon has operated his extensive studio here while exhibiting across Canada, and 3 major exhibitions in Japan. Gordon has also taught courses and workshops for many colleges and potter's guilds. His works and articles have been published in various ceramics magazines, books, and videos.

Gordon formulates and blends all his own clay bodies using many different clays from across North America, and bases his porcelain body on a high quality kaolin from England. Local materials are also utilized. Clay from his own property is high in iron and is used in earthenware bodies and in oil spot glazes and metallic luster glazes. Seaweed from the beach is used in salt/sagger firings. Local wood ash is another major glaze ingredient.