Collection: Fay Rogers

“Born and raised in Montreal, my professional background is in sociology, which I taught at Dawson College in Montreal for 35 years. My creative journey in making jewellery began in 1972 when I was exposed to Zulu beadwork in London, England. I was inspired by the vibrant colours, interesting design, and intricate construction of the beadwork. I began working with seed beads, moved to larger beads, and ultimately found my métier in chain maille. My focus is creating jewellery that emphasizes colour and geometric shape, and is both stylish and fun to wear; designs are based on adaptations of traditional chain maille weaves.” Keep in a bag (cloth or plastic) and if necessary, periodically wipe with an untreated cloth or “swish” in a weak solution of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water, rinse well, and air-dry.

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