Collection: Deborah Sanderson - Artscape Wychwood Barns

"I feel the need to create things with my hands like an uncontrollable impulse,
a gesture that flows out my fingers." - Deborah Sanderson

Raised in rural Oro, Ontario, Deborah Sanderson spent a good portion of her childhood exploring nature. The plants and animals fascinated her and she felt a kinship with the earth.
Deborah loves to emulate natural textured surfaces by using the technique of reticulation. It shows an unexpected movement in the metal and a depth that reflects a true handmade process. Every piece of jewellery is crafted using the most basic tools and are created with silver recycled from broken jewellery, coins and cutlery. A chance discovery in a jar of old buttons lead  to her love of mother of pearl.

Sourced and crafted in Toronto, Ontario.