Collection: Brigitte Wolf

Brigitte Wolf has been working in stained glass for over 25 years. Her work is primarily flat glass, intended for private and public spaces, enhanced with sandblasting and glass painting. Brigitte has studied traditional stained glass and knows that the transmission of light is the essential function. Colour and light is the twin elements which enliven stained glass; line and form are the bones that give structure to colour and light. In her work there has been a desire to balance a traditional visual vocabulary with a modern sensibility, reflecting her belief in the universal nature of patterns. She believes they transcend time and place and occur in many cultures. The more potent a symbol, the more universal and less open to precise interpretation. Her work has included abstract landscape, quilt design, Celtic and early medieval motifs, abstract, and more recently nature, derived from her own photographs. Everything around Brigitte feeds her creative fire.