Collection: Andrea Hildebrand

My purpose is to bring beauty.  I am here to honour the land in every pot I make, and every fiber I weave into adornment.  I am here to remind us through humble craft, of a time when we lived simply in connection with each other and the land.  In this way I work to restore balance and preserve the ancestral way.


I am here to participate in the magnificent “co-re-creation” of the system in which we live.  It is my responsibility as an artist not only to bring beauty, but to support my brothers and sisters to envision humanity’s full potential.  By sharing the inspirations entrusted to me, I can help others to envision the healing of our culture and the land, and the balancing of power.  This is a vision of living peacefully and sustainably together.  Envisioning is a fundamental step in bringing our collective dream to reality.  This is my part:  the dreaming, the sharing of the vision, the making, and the teaching.

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