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Vase with Fish

José Drouin

Vase with Fish


Light blue raku vase. Features a lid with turquoise rim and fish creature figurine.

Approximate dimensions (Height x Width): 9" (22.9 cm) x 6.5" (16.5 cm)

José is a Quebec potter who lives and works in Quebec. All her work is hand-built, thrown or shaped. She uses figures that evoke other cultures as her source for inspiration. Her work is often adorned with humans or animal figures. Jose’s studio is a pottery economuseum (a small-scale production of goods in a workshop environment focusing on the preservation and perpetuation of traditional skills and craftsmanship). José uses two firing methods: Raku, which is recognizable by its black base, and Reduction Firing. Raku is a centuries-old firing technique developed by the Japanese. In both cases, she plays with fire and air in order each piece with a glaze that has a unique effect. Raku pieces are strictly ornamental and are not food-safe or watertight.

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