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Lesley McInally

Cookstown, ON
Lesley McInally

Wee nips, Yunomis, cups, mugs and bowls:
Drawing inspiration from childlike landscapes, primitive markings and folk drawings, Lesley McInally creates dreamlike places we can all identify with from childhood memories. Each cup and bowl tells its own story of “wee” islands and landscapes surrounded by wind, rain, sky and sea.
Lesley throws each porcelain mug on the potters wheel and hand carves the base.Many layers of individually hand coloured porcelain slips are then applied with various textured brushes creating beautiful tactile surfaces, underglaze washes are also applied and sanded back to add further rich tones of colour and depth. A rich glossy glaze completes the piece. Each mug is its own little story which triggers nostalgia and an
innocent sentimental journey.
Some of Lesleys pieces have been adorned with 22ct Gold and Silver decals adding to the landscapes. These pieces have been fired for a third and final time.

All cups, mugs and bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe however any piece with 22ct Gold and Silver decals added are no longer suitable for microwave use.

Vessels with glossy black glaze interior is able to hold water for flowers however Lesley always recommends placing a glass or glass jar inside to hold the water and flowers as this makes for easier clean up!