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Dianne Lee

Toronto, ON

Born in Lahr, Germany in 1983 Dianne quickly developed a passion for travel. Dianne travelled with her parents around Europe and Canada before settling, for a couple years, on the West Coast of Canada at age 5. Dianne’s love for art also developed at an early age as an avid drawer on paper, sidewalks and walls but it wasn’t until 2002 at the Ontario College of Art and Design that Dianne fell in love with clay. Since graduating in 2006 Dianne has continued her passion for art and travel by fusing the two when living abroad. Dianne lived and worked in England for 2.5 years, during that time she interned with British Potter Deborah Baynes, visited multiple pottery studios and travelled all over Europe. Dianne also found herself in New Zealand for a year, she was a member of the Wellington Potter’s Association, participated in workshops, produced functional work from commission and participated in many outdoor firings including an anagama firing. Currently based in Toronto, she is focused on exploring ergonomics and utilitarianism, fused with her love for drawing by sketching on the surfaces of her pots.